Tricks to buying sunglasses

sunglassesSome people look so good in sunglasses; elegant, dashing, adventurous, or just plain mysterious. But, perhaps the very last thing you should be thinking is how you will look.

Sunglasses are worn for protection. They protect your eyes from the two types of harmful ultra violet light, which are UVA and UVB rays, the ones that don’t get absorbed by the Earth’s protective layer of ozone. So your sunglasses should be labelled as having 100 percent protection against ultraviolet light.

Sunglasses and sports

Now, you can think about how and where you will using your sunglasses, because there are various types for different activities. Will you be affected by glare off water, off the surface of the lake, or the sea, while out driving.

For instance, if you are out in the sun for any length of time you might want to think of buying larger, wrap around lenses, which will protect your eyes from light entering from the sides. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun but they will protect the delicate skin around the eyes that is so prone to wrinkling when you smile.

Then, of course sunglasses must be secure on your head while you are out skateboarding or cycling or on the back of a horse. You will find there are sunglasses that have been specifically designed to stay on your nose even when the ride gets bumpy, or the sail flaps in your face, or you are heading into the wind while skiing down a slope.

Looking good in sunglasses

Finally, whether man or woman, when buying sunglasses you need to think about your appearance. Look in the mirror, how would you describe your face shape? Oval, square, round, long, wide? Just a quick example, for a wide face, you might want to think of buying sunglasses that make your face look longer, and for those of us with a long thin face … well, sunglasses that make your face look a little wider. The effect is to create balance.

Oh, and remember, big frames for larger faces and smaller frames for the petite. Now, go have some fun buying those sunglasses and look like a star, or be one.